Hello all!  I hope everyone made it through the week relatively unscathed.  I had a couple of rough days, but then…don’t we all?  It’s not gonna be rainbows and unicorn farts all the time – I know!  But I’ll admit, I really struggled this week thinking about what my next blog entry should be about. How could I hope to motivate or inspire others when I felt no motivation or inspiration for myself?  My life is a mess!  What did I have to be thankful for?!? Yes, I had my daughters, of course, but was I ever going to be able to do enough for them in my current circumstances?  I even considered chucking the whole thing and admitting to everyone that I have no idea what I’m doing and truly have no business thinking I could write anything that anyone would ever find the least bit interesting.  Marsha, Marsha, Marsha!

I got up this morning, early as always, and went for a walk.  Really…I did!  You can check my steps!  No music playing, no phone to look at.  Just me and the early morning.  And the perspective of it all came up and smacked me in the face!  Almost as if the universe was insulted that I would consider my life unworthy of gratitude.   I was walking wasn’t I?  Not bed ridden or wheelchair bound.  I was breathing wasn’t I?  Not sick or struggling to pull air into my lungs.  I was upright, alert, strong and alive.  Good heavens girl, how much does one person need before they begin to give thanks?!

So, I began to celebrate…

When I finally made the conscious decision to quit my internal bitching and start being thankful, it was like blinders were removed.  I swear I hadn’t noticed how many hummingbirds there are in my apartment complex!  Okay, that may sound like a strange thing to notice, but I love hummingbirds.  And I’ve lived here a year now and haven’t noticed ONE…until this morning.  I saw dozens!  Chirping at one another, having some type of humming bird argument over whose turn it was at the feeder.  I stood and watched and realized I hadn’t celebrated much this past  year.

While I’d been focusing on the bad things that had happened, I’d missed out on the positives.  And really, that’s not like me.  I’m a positive person dammit! lol  There is enough negative crap going on.  I’m sure I’ll have an occasional rant now and then (what self-respecting redhead wouldn’t?).  But I will make you all a promise.  I, Shari, do solemnly swear that I am up to no good.  Annnnnd, I will do my best to  steer clear of politics and controversial current events.  Not that I don’t have opinions on these topics, nor have I ever been afraid of voicing my opinions (hey, did I just hear a rousing chorus of “Boy, ‘aint that the truth!!”?  Quiet down!).  However, my intention from the start with this silly experiment has been to share some of my experiences and musings (the things that make me go, hmmmm), infused with some laughter, the occasional wistful smile and any wisdom I gleaned along the way (haha, yeah right!).  I will not intentionally bash anyone, spread hate, name call or swear.  Okay, can’t promise that last one…I mean, it is ME after all.

I began to think back over the week about the little things that I should’ve celebrated in the moment.  The parents holding their young son’s hands in the parking lot doing “1, 2, 3 Whee!” and the boy giggling with delight.  I miss doing 1, 2, 3 Whee with my girls until my arm felt like rubber.  But then giving in and doing it just one more time.   My dad (81 years young, by the way) putting a message on Face Book just saying he loved me (I love you too, Pa).  The song on the radio the other day that immediately transported me back to Dallas in 1987 and all the memories that tagged along with it.   The elderly gentleman at the grocery store who ‘flirted’ with me and then told me my hair reminded him of his wife when they met.

The love of friends is something I haven’t celebrated nearly enough this year.  One of my best friends moved to Colorado not too long after I became single again.  At the time, I felt like she was breaking up with me too.  Moving away just when I needed her the most.  But Nan and I are still best friends.  Two redheaded sisters who certainly must have been separated at birth!  Or my other “sister from another mister”, Dede in Texas.  Friends since college and we’ve seen each other through just about everything.  Distance doesn’t diminish friendship.  I thought about my dear friend from high school who is in the hospital fighting for his life and the friends who have been by his side (even flew in!) to comfort him while the rest of us pray for his recovery (we’re still praying, Paul.  We love you!).  Time doesn’t diminish friendship.  Or two men in my life who manage to reach out every day to say hi or just make me laugh.  I’m sure I don’t tell them often enough how grateful I am to have them in my life, but Mark and Robert always put some sunshine in my day.

So, now I challenge you.  Celebrate something. Tell someone you are thankful for them. Watch, listen, smile and enjoy.  I believe Ferris Bueller said it best…

Till next time…Ginger out!