Starting Over…

Hi there!  Welcome.  Grab a cup, sit on down and let me extend you an invitation to join me on an adventure.  Some might have used the word “journey”, but for anyone who knows me (or knows any redhead, for that matter), this is definitely going to be an ADVENTURE!

I don’t want to put a lot of parameters around this blog.  I hope it will be as varied and random as I am.   Oh, I should probably introduce myself.  I’m Shari. Okay…moving on.  lol  Just kidddddding.  I wish it were that easy. Like being 5 on a playground again. No backstory, no baggage.  Just a simple “Hi” and “You wanna be friends?”.  <sigh> Unfortunately, I do have a backstory and plenty o’ baggage.  So, let’s see if I can give you a Shari history lesson…Cliff Notes version!

I’m 50 years old, as of July 9 this year.  I’m from Tucson, Arizona.   Was married for almost 20 years – that’s over.  I have two beautiful, smart, funny, kind and talented daughters who are pretty much my reason for everything.  I thought I had found the love of my life a few years ago – I thought wrong.  I have been overweight for most of my life.  I have red hair…tons of it.  I don’t judge anyone by their age, race, religion, sexual orientation, etc.  I judge people based on their sports teams – the way it should be! lol  I love coffee, movies, music, sports and craft beer.  I should be the perfect catch! (if he’s not too picky about the fact that my hourglass figure has some extra sand in it…lol).  Instead, I am a single mom and sole financial provider for not only myself and the girls but for my mother as well.

Please understand, I did not choose the title to this first entry lightly.  I really am Starting Over! I purchased this domain name nine months ago. Fueled by red wine and feelings of independence, I thought I was going to create my masterpiece!  People will be delighted by my wit and admire my moxie and perseverance. They’ll hear my story and be moved.  Ellen and Jimmy would soon be calling to have me on to talk about my remarkable life.  I would regale them with amusing anecdotes and everyone would laugh and quietly whisper to one another, “Wow, that gal has her shit together!  And my, doesn’t she looks fabulous?!”

Uh…in reality, this is my 5th attempt at getting this blog off the ground.  But, I’m starting over.  The same is true for losing weight.  I can’t… no, make that, I won’t count the number times I’ve tried to lose or complained about trying to lose weight. But, I’m starting over.  My heart has been broken, my bank account is empty and I seem to have just been existing instead of living for quite a while now. But, I’m starting over.

Today I hit the reset button.  Let the adventure begin!